Vacuum Excavators (Water and air)

Vacuum Excavation processes have become popular in the past 15 years. Hydro and Air Excavation machines utilize the cutting power of high-pressure water and air along with a powerful vacuum for a wide variety of uses. Applications include potholing (utility location), sewer jetting (clearing sewer lines), pit cleaning (sumps and catch basin cleaning), environmental cleanup (flooded basements to hurricane aftermath to oil spills), construction site cleanup, and many other uses. Ring-O-Matic manufactures hydro excavation equipment on vacuum trailers, vacuum trucks, and skid mount systems.


The FT150VX packs the high productivity of a 600 CFM blower into a compact design that easily fits into a standard pickup bed, flatbed or trailer.

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The 275VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner features a compact low profile, providing easy visibility for your driver and stability in rough locations.

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The 550VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner is the narrowest machine in it's class, making it maneuverable and easy to see around.

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550 jetvac

The Jet Vac is back! Ring-O-Matic has brought back its original market dominating vacuum excavator with a modern design. The 550 Jet Vac offers a new advanced air filtration system, improved towing visibility, lockable control and compartment panels, and a new power pack that makes the 550 Jet Vac not only the most productive, but also the quietest machine on the market!

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With the 850VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner, reverse flow comes standard — blow obstructions out of vacuum hose and backflush the filters for quick-easy cleaning.

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The 1300VX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal machine for environmental cleanup, ready for everything from flooded basements to hurricane aftermath to oil spoils.

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Ring-O-Matic also offers a variety of sizes in trailer and truck mounted machines that are Air Equipped. Using an upgraded Cat or Kubota Tier 4F engines, these air machines run 150 PSI with 185 CFM, perfect for any air excavation needs. Please contact us for more information about our Air Equipped line.

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The Viper Potholing Tool provides a fast and efficient, one-man hydro excavation potholing process with little to no clean-up.

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Ring-O-Matic’s hydro excavation machines are feature-packed to help you get the job done.

  • Available in vacuum trailer, vacuum truck, and skid mount configurations.
  • Standard and High-CFM Vacuum Excavation models are Powered by CAT® diesel engines for unmatched performance and reliability.
  • VL (Value Line) Vacuum Excavation models are powered by gasoline engines (air-cooled, overhead valve, twin cylinder) and include the important functions of premium machines.
  • Gardner Denver® vacuum pump/blowers are rugged, reliable, and offer high vacuum performance.
  • Rugged machine construction, the way a contractor likes it. Heavy duty frames are standard and we have the largest axle capacities in their class. Your machine will last.
  • Our balanced machine design with optimum tongue weight and is easy on your tow trucks.

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