• 11 Hp, electric start, OHV, Honda engine.
  • 160 CFM (cubic feet per minute) blower.
  • 650 gallon collection tank capacity (9,990 lb fully loaded weight).
  • The 750 Vac Pit Cleaner operates efficiently at depths up to 10′. See our 850 Deep Vac for cleaning pits up to 15’ deep.
  • This is an ideal pit cleaner solution for operators who have car washes with limited access pits. These pits are often the secondary pits where cleaning access is available through a manhole or other small opening.
  • The 750 Vac Pit Cleaner can empty a typical 100 cubic foot sediment pit in about 40 minutes.
  • Easy to use and to unload. The tank is dumped using a hydraulic lift system. Mud-cake is set free from the bottom of the collection tank using a pneumatic load breaker. The pneumatic load breaker and the hydraulic system are driven by the pit cleaner’s engine with simple, easy-to-use controls.
  • The 750 Vac Pit Cleaner weighs in at 9,990 lbs fully loaded. This means it can be safely and legally pulled by a full size pick-up. Check your vehicle to see if it is rated to safely handle this conveniently sized unit.
  • We have had a Midwest car wash operator report that with a Ring-O-Matic pit cleaner, they can reduce pit cleaning costs by over $10,000 per year in their 19 wash bay operation. This gave them a very quick return on their investment.


VAcuum Pit Cleaner

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